The Workplace. Redefined.

Disrupting the office space and re-imagining how we work.

Covid-19 has forced us to rethink many of our everyday functions, including how and where we work. This is our take on how you can create an inspiring and comfortable space that enables you to focus on work without compromising the feeling of home.

The Panton heritage.

Panton was a pioneer in terms of challenging the status quo. He was always experimenting with materials and new ways to approach product and spatial design. His ability to bridge healthy ergonomics and purposeful functionality with imaginative and creative shapes was a constant in his experimental design process and still very much relevant today.

At Verpan, we continuously tap into this heritage when re-imagining products and solutions that
help us solve modern challenges and rethink the ways we live, work and meet.




Creating spaces and solutions within the home that can accommodate both personal and professional needs is one of the challenges we currently face. 

Choosing the right furniture and lighting is essential in making this behavioral change a success.

Long-term seating comfort, great ergonomics and personal style are all essential factors, but also factors such as cleaning, durability and long-term value play in when making safe and sustainable investments in your home.

Series 430 Chair  /  Move Table  /  VP Globe





Flex at home.

The Flex chair can go anywhere and makes a stylish addition to any modern home. The elegant and classic design is super versatile and easy to use in everyday life. 

Flex Chair  /  Moon pendant





Small Spaces.

When space is limited you have to get creative in order to fit all of your essentials and create a comfortable space where productivity is not compromised.

Flexibility and multipurpose functionality is key to make small spaces work.





Shared Spaces.

As we are forced to rethink how we plan and execute meetings and gatherings in shared spaces, we know that future requirements will include an added focus on social distancing measures, health and safety, hygiene and a high level of flexibility and adaptability.

Meeting in smaller groups, meeting outside and  creating new spatial infrastructures are possible first steps that are relatively easy to implement.

Cloverleaf Sofa  /  Cloverleaf In- & Outdoor






Cloverleaf Sofa.

As good as it is for bringing people together, the Cloverleaf design can also – with a few clever touches – work as an effective tool for practicing safe social distancing.

With seating options on both sides and deep personal ‘pockets’ users can create their own space with safe distance to others limiting face-to-face interaction, effectively minimizing the risk of infection. 

Both versions of the Cloverleaf sofa is available with integrated power outlet.

Using clever nudging, by e.g. applying floormarkings, you can esily guide users how to safely enjoy the Cloverleaf sofa.


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