The Series 430 Collection.

Verner Panton designed the SERIES 430 collection in 1967 as a study in simplicity. The Series 430 collection includes a chair, bar stool, stool and a dining table and is available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and finishes.

The first piece Panton designed was the chair, which was born from the idea of creating a dining chair with the same comfort as an armchair – he did so by applying traditional webbing to the fully upholstered seat to adjust for body weight and create a wide nestling backrest and place it on a slender elegant frame that mounts on the outside of the seat and back.

Since its introduction in 2015, the SERIES 430 collection has received praise for its understated elegance, effortless style, superior comfort and overall build quality. The collection is ideal for both home and contract.

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Verpan Contract.

Browse our contract references and check out the diversity and versatility of the our products and see how others have applied Panton's iconic furniture and lighting in various projects from around the world.

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Series 430 Bar Stool.

The continuation of a design. By popular demand, Verpan introduced a bar stool with the same qualities as the Series 430 chair. The Series 430 Bar Stool is available in two heights and comes with either black or brass frame to suit any setting.

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Series 430 Chair.

Explore the full range of our Series 430 Chair. Including the
brand new Series 430 Chair in brass

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Series 430 Table.

The Series 430 table is available in black or white and comes in two sizes, Ø120 and Ø160. 

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