Companies in the FRANDSEN GROUP secure their future with sale to Nine United

Nine United can ensure that FRANDSEN GROUP remains progressive and competitive, according to engineer and founder of the Danish company Benny Frandsen.

FRANDSEN GROUP, a lighting and design corporation situated in Horsens, Central Denmark, has been sold and will continued be continued by another Horsens company, Nine United.

Last year, the 78-year-old founder celebrated his 50th anniversary with FRANDSEN GROUP. The sale to Nine United completes the process Benny Frandsen initiated at that time with a view to securing the future of FRANDSEN GROUP.

“Throughout the process, it was important to me to find a new owner for our companies who can see the huge potential in FRANDSEN GROUP and who is also able to create continued growth and take the Group’s companies to the next level,” explains Benny Frandsen. “The aim was to ensure that FRANDSEN GROUP remains a progressive and competitive partner for the Group’s current and future customers and suppliers.

“We have achieved this goal with the sale to Nine United. FRANDSEN GROUP is a perfect fit for Nine United’s sales and production organisation. Our products are an attractive match and complement each other well. I have great faith that this sale will secure FRANDSEN GROUP’s continued development and growth and that FRANDSEN GROUP will continue to be a great and attractive workplace for its employees.” 

Benny Frandsen founded the company in 1968. For the first many years, the company was headquartered in Skanderborg. In the mid-90s, it moved to Brædstrup, and in 2009 Benny Frandsen officially opened the FRANDSEN GROUP’s current headquarters in the Horsens industrial district by the E45 motorway.

Benny Frandsen’s work has always been based on a love of design, as well as on trust, openness and respect for others. This has enabled him to build unusually strong relations with customers, suppliers and, not least, employees around the world. His serious approach to both business and people has made him very highly regarded among competitors and in the entire lighting industry, where he has been known for many years as the “Grand Old Man” of lighting.

The sale of FRANDSEN GROUP will be executed in early 2020.


For additional information, please contact Torben Paulin, CEO, on +45 2121 0464.


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