New icon from the Panton archives

Being brought to life from the Panton archives, VERPAN launches the new lighting icon - HIVE.
HIVE is one of the latest example of great contemporary design still to be discovered in the Verner Panton archives. The design is brought to life by VERPAN from Panton’s original sketches, and it is the first time the design is put into production.


Made of multiple concentric shades of varying size, the layered design of the pendant offers a very characteristic and sculptural quality while ensuring a 100% glare-free light. The fixture emits a generous downward light that is complimented by a soft and diffused lateral light. Like with much of Panton’s lighting designs, the unique and expressive idiom of the HIVE pendant demand attention even with the lights off.
Available in polished aluminum or a powder coated version in warm yellow. The new HIVE design is brought to life by VERPAN from Panton’s original sketches and it is the first time the design is put into production.

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