Museum of National History

Cloverleaf Sofa for Copenhagen Museum - Museum of National History

Product: Cloverleaf In-& Outdoor Sofa, Series 430 and various products for the DAC Designshop
Upholstery: Hallingdal
Application: Public Space / Museum / Education
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: Danielsen Space Planning + Holmris B8

For its large reception and entrance area, the museum wanted something special that could unite the large space and something functional that visitors could actually use. The CLOVERLEAF Sofas answers all of these needs and has become very popular pieces.

The CLOVERLEAF Sofa for the Museum of National History is upholstered in the beautiful and durable SKAI Pandoria (colours F6413051 and F6413055), which is also easy to clean and maintain.

Learn more about the CLOVERLEAF Sofa here.

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