Big Bio Nordhavn, Copenhagen

Onion pendants adorn new BIG BIO in Nordhavn, Copenhagen

A total of 25 Onion pendants beautifully adorn the lobby area and meeting room of the newly renovated BIG BIO cinema in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.


BIG BIO Nordhavn will be the first cinema in Denmark to incorporate a number of climate-friendly initiatives. Among other things, the cinema uses 100% compostable packaging, has upcycled uniforms for its employees, uses recycled glassware and the ceramic coffee cups are organically produced in Latvia.

Recycling, good design and a sustainable building

The cinema's iconic and timeless Onion pendants are designed by Verner Panton, the sofas are specially designed for BIG BIO using Kvadrat’s recyclable fabric, and a huge wall located centrally in the cinema is made from various residual materials. The cinema has been designed in collaboration with interior designer Morten Hedegaard. Morten is a well-known name among shops and concepts in Europe and has participated in the design of several award-winning boutique hotels in Copenhagen.

Finally, BIG BIO is also proud that the building in which the cinema is located is becoming "gold-certified" in sustainable construction according to the DGNB standard.

Designer: Morten Hedegaard & BIG BIO
Photo credits: Stine Heilmann