Series 430 Chair & Bar Stool for VyTA Farnese
Series 430 Bar Stool for restaurant Fiera
Cloverleaf In- & Outdoor for KPN Project
Cloverleaf & Welle for Seattle-Tacoma Airport
Series 430 Chair at Paris apartment
Series 430 Chair at Beefbar, Budapest
Flying Chair at "Hidden Beauty" Photo Exhibition
Series 430 Chair at Royal Opera House
Series 430 Chair at Crematorium Aalst
Series 430 Chair at The Stratford Lofts
Series 430 Chair at The Student Hotel
Cloverleaf In-& Outdoor at Aarhus Street Food
Series 430 & Cloverleaf for DronePort
Series 430 Chair & Cloverleaf Sofa for HAUS DER MUSIK
Complete interior for Frandsen Group HQ, Denmark
Series 430 Chair & Bar Stool for Sushi Samba
Series 430 Chair for The Standard
Complete interior for Deloitte meeting room
Cloverleaf Sofas for DLA Piper
Series 430 Chair for the Davines HQ in Parma, Italy
Cloverleaf Sofa for Danish Architecture Centre
Cloverleaf Sofa for Museum of National History
Series 430 Chair for Imperial Hotel
VP Globe, Fun 7DM & Fun 4DM for Café Stiften
Spiral and Ball for Horsens New Theatre
Fun 8DM for Frandsen Group HQ, Denmark
Lighting and furniture for Skanderborg Kulturhus
Cloverleaf Sofa x System 1-2-3 for ARoS