Iconic Panton designs celebrate 50th anniversary.

2019 marks the celebration of the 50th anniversary of two of the most iconic Panton lighting designs of all time - the VP Globe and Spiral pendant.

Both designs were conceived in 1969 by the world-renowned Danish designer Verner Panton (1926 – 1998) and have become much more than just pendants. They are sculptural lighting pieces that impress and stands out in its surroundings, while creating an ambience.

“Only few designs stand the test of time and become true icons. In a close partnership with the Panton estate we have reintroduced the two iconic pendants, which never ceases to impress.”, says CEO at VERPAN, Peter Frandsen.

The icon of them all

The VP Globe is arguably the most recognized Panton lighting design. The decorative pendant features a crystal clear transparent acrylic outer sphere with five internal reflectors suspended by three steel chains. Small splashes of red and blue add the finishing touches to the futuristic sculptural design and highlights the unmistakable Panton design DNA.

True to Panton’s creative approach, the VP Globe is available in various configurations and sizes – exploring different materials and expressions. All VP Globes are assembled 100% by hand in Denmark.

The experimental Spiral lamp

The Spiral lamp is not only a great example of Panton’s experimental approach to colours and shapes, but also a study in how an object can interact with its surroundings through sound and movement. For the Spiral lamp, Panton used plastic spirals in different finishes and different lengths suspended from a chrome frame resulting in a lively and expressive sculptural design.

The gold and silver chrome-plated versions of the Spiral lamp elegantly reflects its surroundings. The Spiral design is available in various sizes.


The VP Globe and Spiral lamp are available in stores now. Go to Find Dealer.






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